Joyce Strong Ministries

Translated Books

Current Distribution in Africa and Russia


Lambs on the Ledge was the first to be translated.  Missionaries in Brazil and Pastors in China asked permission to translate it for their countries.  Seeing its success in these countries, Joyce Strong Ministries raised the money to translate, print and distribute the first 1,000 copies in Russia. 

After reading Leading with Passion and Grace in English, a Russian friend commissioned it as well to be translated into Russian.  Translations of Caught in the Crossfire, Journey to Joy and True Love and the Dragon followed.  These were spread by Russian leaders over Murmansk, St. Petersburg and Moscow Regions.  As they request more, we commission additional printings of 1,000 copies at a time.

In 2011, we commissioned the translation and printing of Journey to Joy in Kiswahili and Luganda for Eastern Africa and Uganda.  In 2013, we did the same for True Love and the Dragon for Eastern Africa.  Since many Africans can also speak English, we also raised the money to print large quantities of these in English.  Joyce personally carries many copies of Leading with Passion and Grace and Lambs on the Ledge with her when she ministers in Africa.

While it is not necessary to translate books for the U.K., Leading with Passion and Grace and Instruments for His Glory have been especially popular in England.  The former has been used by several churches to mentor their leaders and the latter to encourage women in ministry.

Joyce's most recent book, Hope Rising, The True Story of a Place in Kenya Where God Dreams and Miracles Happen, has also been translated for East African nations.  It has been distributed in these countries in English as well.

Nearly 25,000 copies of Joyce's books have been distributed so far!  These books are proving to be a spiritual legacy that will last well beyond the years that Joyce is able to travel to these countries.


Several of the Foreign Translations