Joyce Strong Ministries



A Word from Joyce:

It all began with a young Kenyan evangelist with a heart that knows no boundaries when it comes to compassion.  His name is Samuel Wafula, founder of Gospel Outreach Evangelism Ministry (G.O.E.M.) and Blessings Hope Educational Centre, Kitale, Kenya.

History:  Until very recently, the days following Kenyan National Elections have been times of tribal retribution and violence.  Many children saw their parents murdered and their homes destroyed often by people who had been their neighbors only months before.  Those who were not frozen in their tracks with fear, ran for their lives into the bush to hide.  As Samuel traveled to remote villages after the 2009 elections, he began finding these precious children and bringing them home to his family and his church.  They ranged in age from three years to 13 years of age.

God gave Samuel a simple vision: 

Establish a safe haven and a place of healing for these innocent victims of violence and give them hope for the future by providing them with an excellent education.  He believed from the very beginning that these children would someday change the future of Kenya for Christ.

In 2012, while speaking at a pastors' and leaders' conference hosted by Samuel and his father, Bishop Michael Wafula, I was introduced to the little group of about 25 children whom they were trying to care for and educate on rented land that they couldn't afford.  I prayed for the children and returned to finish the last day of the conference.  I did not think they were my concern...

But as I crossed the Atlantic on my flight back to the States, God spoke to me.  "They need their own land."  As I sat in stunned silence, He gave me the names of four individuals I should contact with this need.  When I got home, I simply shared the situation with these friends who were located in different states and waited.  Within four days, they had sent $7,000, the price of an acre of farmland.

From that day on, God regularly put on my heart different needs, and then He moved on many, many people's heart in the U.S. and in Russia to give generously and joyously.  This has gone on steadily since 2012, and now Blessings Hope Educational Centre consists of a children's home for eighty orphans, a widows' home for ten destitute women, a multi-acre working farm, fledgling businesses and a thriving school with nearly 200 students attending.  The school is known as the very best academically in the region and enjoys the esteem of the local government authorities and the respect of the communities that surround it. 

There have been miracles on a regular basis.  

There have also been trials, enormous challenges, and heartache.  But through everything has reigned faith, forgiveness, healing, spiritual growth, fervent prayer and confidence in the God of miracles who loves and protects the fatherless and the destitute.

Why God chose Joyce Strong Ministries to partner with Pastor Samuel and Blessings Hope, only He knows.  Maybe we needed to have our own faith built up.  Maybe he wanted to bless us as much as bless the children and the widows.  Maybe He simply chooses the weak and small to display His glory so that no one can doubt that He is in charge.

Yes.  God is in charge.  Yes.  Blessings Educational Centre is His ministry, His plan, His dream.  To Him we give all the glory!