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Dear friends,

This ministry has never before overseen anything as complex and long-term as an Orphans' Sponsorship Project, but we are thrilled that all of us together can make an eternal difference in hundreds of precious orphans’ lives in Kenya now and during the years to come.  This is God’s plan, and He is entrusting it to us.  We are humbled, amazed and a little overwhelmed at times.  But we are committed to faithful, intelligent stewardship of God’s plan. 

As you consider sponsoring a special Blessings Hope Child, you may have questions.  We hope that the following facts will help answer those questions:

1.  I will choose the child for you and send you his/her picture and story.

2.  Sponsors can be individuals or groups.

3.  Sponsorship can be paid by the month ($30), every 6 months ($210) or by the year ($360.)This money provides food, clothing, medical insurance and school supplies.

4.  Sponsorship donations should be sent to us by the 5th of each month. We will wire the donations to the Administrator of Blessings Hope Educational Centre on or about the 15th of each month.

5.  We will be tracking each child from wherever he or she is in age and school level right up through graduation from HS.  We hope that each sponsor will maintain support of his or her child through high school graduation, but if there is a hardship, the sponsor will be released and blessed for all he or she has done for the child. 

6.  When a sponsored child graduates from high school, the sponsor will have a choice:  cease sponsoring or simply take on another child and repeat the process.  (If the sponsor of a high school graduating student prefers to continue supporting the same child on into college, that will certainly be possible but is in no way mandatory.)

7.  We will keep in close touch with everyone and give as much information as we can.  Just as a sponsor's commitment is personal, so is ours both to the children and to all sponsors. 

8.  We are not encouraging sending physical gifts to sponsored children. The support, prayer and love that sponsors offer are the gifts, and the children understand that. There are no obligations beyond that. Pictures will be updated each year and sent to you along with news about the school, the orphans and any special requests for prayer.

9.  There are several ways available for sending sponsorship payments:

a.  If you live in the U.S.:

  • by check to Joyce Strong Ministries at the address below
  • by asking your bank to automatically send the check to us on or before the 5th each month  This is a great way to save stamps and relieve you of having to remember due dates!  Most sponsors handle it this way.

b.  Wherever you live, but especially if you live overseas:

  • by credit card online through clicking Donate 

Don’t worry:  I will know that your donation is for Sponsorship if you designate it as the purpose when you send it. 

10.  You will receive a year-end tax-deductible receipt each December.


If you have any other questions, please ask, and we will do our best to give you the answers!  

If you are ready to sponsor a child, follow these instructions and then let me know by email at:  I will assign a child to you and send you a picture and information about the child.

For His joy and His glory,


Ministry Mailing Address:

Joyce Strong Ministries

12 Arbor Drive

Myerstown, PA 17067


Joyce Strong Ministries is a unique non-profit ministry organization. There is no overhead—no salaries or rent to pay, no administrative costs to cover.  That allows us to get the maximum value from each dollar donated!  Every single cent goes to the intended focus--in this case, the care and education of the children at Blessings Hope.