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Blessings Hope Educational Centre

Nestled in rural Kenya, in Eastern Africa, on the fertile Kitale Plateau, lies the home of miracles:  Blessings Hope Educational Centre.


Background and How You Can Help

Fact: There are 150 children receiving their education at Blessings Hope, 85 of whom are orphans who live on campus. Many others are street children of destitute parents who cannot feed them or pay to educate them. By doing the math, we have discovered that if there are sponsors for the seventy orphans at $30.00 each, Blessings Hope can provide uniforms, food, school supplies and an excellent education for all who cannot pay.

Fact:  Joyce Strong Ministries is a tax-exempt ministry organization. It is also structured in a way that gets the maximum value from each dollar donated. You see, this ministry has no overhead. There are no salaries or rent to pay or complicated administrative costs to cover. Every single cent that is donated to Blessings Hope goes to the need designated.  That is why we can sponsor orphans for so much less than larger, well-known international ministries.

If you are part of a young church or house church that is looking for a truly credible way to make a difference for Christ internationally, please share this opportunity with them. (If possible, view the Orphan Sponsorship part of this website together so all can all see the pictures and learn the history of Blessings Hope.)

Pray about sponsoring Blessings Hope Educational Centre's orphans either as a group or as individuals.  This is an amazing opportunity to bless those who have suffered so much in the past and give them a secure future in Christ.

If you feel God prompting you personally to sponsor a boy or girl or maybe one of each, let me know!  You may choose to support a pre-school, grade school or high school-age child.  We will choose your child and then send you his or her picture and history.

I never dreamed Joyce Strong Ministries would be part of this mission, but I have found that compassion for the fatherless is so deeply imbedded in God’s heart, it's contagious. It becomes a joy! And it not only brings us and the children joy, but it brings God joy as well!! It doesn’t get any better than that!

By grace,

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: To look after orphans and widows in their distress… James 1:27


Monthly support can be sent online through, or through automatic bank checks or personal checks sent to:
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