Joyce Strong Ministries


AIC Conference, Kenya
Gaba Church, Uganda
Chennai, India
Olenegorsk, Russia
Virginia Beach, VA
Kitale, Kenya

Women's Conferences are amazing!  When women get together and get "real" with themselves and God, hearts are changed, healing comes, worship soars, and hope is restored.  When Jesus moves by the power of His Holy Spirit, joy erupts!

It doesn't matter what country we are in or how old or young anyone is who attends, the majesty of God unites us and fills us with a common hunger for things eternal. 

I love leading conferences that revolve around intimacy with God in which He removes every barrier that gets in the way of our being "at home" with Him.  Women need to know who they are in Christ, and only by getting close enough to Him to sense His voice will the truth be discovered.

Testimony:  Thank you again for a wonderful conference and for being the chosen vessel God would use to prune my trees and plow through the garden of my heart.  He knew what I needed, and I am now on a wonderful jouney of knowing what "true love" really is!      Theresa


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